Are Your Salon Scissors Not Sharp Anymore?

Just picture yourself in a salon or have begun working with scissors all by yourself. You will need your scissors to be sufficiently sharp if you want that perfect haircut or cardboard paper size. Everybody knows about how easy to use and accurate are a pair of sharper scissors.

Salon scissors should be sharp enough to slice through hair effortlessly! Australia has a wide range of sharpening services, but its up to you to identify a blunt pair of scissors. Let’s get started and find out what are the telltale signs of scissors becoming dull.

How to check whether your scissors have enough sharpness:

With this article, you will be able to know if the current scissors in your hand are sufficiently sharp or whether you need to go and buy one that is much sharper:

Do you get hair strands frequently getting stuck to your scissors?

The human hair does not have the same texture as simple threads: do not think that you will even cut off all hair. The human hair comes with some erect hair and others are curly.

  • This fact can be verified within the scalp. With sharp scissors, you can cut through the hair.
  • Certainly, there could be few cases of your hair getting stuck to the scissors, however, if you see more hair than necessary, this may be a sign to purchase sharper scissors.

Do you have noisy scissors?

Every scissors have their noise during cutting. Then again, if you pay attention to it, you will see that the noise gets louder with time.

  • This simply means that they are losing their sharpness and their traction.
  • You could have them serviced through haven to sharpen up the edges or getting the scissors cleaned/oiled to help reduce the noise.

Do you have hairs that fold frequently?

Whenever you try to fold up your hair, if it feels like the hair is frequently folding, it could be that you have either a dull or blunt blade.

  • Experts also say that the problem here could be with the scissors if there are no other issues.
  • It is best to either repair or change the scissors soon as you start seeing such a problem.

If you experience folding hair during cutting, this could cause uneven cuts – which could make your entire haircut bad or worst-case scenario: you could damage your scalp.

Do you have scissors that rapidly gets dull?

With so many scissors to buy in the market, one could become confused about which one to buy.

  • You could even come across the scissors lower than $100.
  • Who buys such expensive scissors? You may want to know.

If it seems that your scissors rapidly get dull, it could be that the metal which is used to produce these scissors could be weak.

You should try to purchase in a pair of branded scissors: The premium price will be justified in the long term plus this will save you from incessant hassle.

Conclusion: How to avoid blunt or dull salon scissors

Hopefully, you read these several tips and it will help you know the type of sufficiently sharp scissors that you need to cut your hair every day. Moreover, it is not a good practice to cut your hair with your everyday scissors also: apart from creating uneven cuts, it will lead to split-ends and damage the health of the hair. People with more questions can contact us.