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Joewell is a well-known Japanese scissor brand that produces premium hair thinning and texturising shears for professionals. You get what you pay for, and with Joewell you get the best! Find out why so many hairdressing professionals use Joewell to thin out their client’s thick and curly hair!

Joewell is an iconic hairdressing brand for professionals in Australia.

It is among the most trusted brands in professional scissor manufacturing, and has been making hair shears in Japan for more than 100 years.

Joewell hairsplitters are light extremely sharp and quiet.

Joewell scissors are lightweight ergonomic design that is ideal for male and female hairdressers who work all day.

Joewell shears provides professional hairstyling and styling services that are provided by some of the most respected brands.

Joewell Scissors Summary Review

  • Japanese STeel
  • Unique Joewell Blades
  • Ergonomic Design that is light weight and lightweight
  • Premium Manufacturing Quality

Joewell is well-known within the barbershop and hair salon industries. Joewell shears, although not the cheapest brand, delivers a professional haircutting experience which can help you shine at work every day.

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