Salon Scissors Size, Style and Handle Choosing Guide

The best grip and way of holding hair scissors

At present, many different kinds and brands offer hair scissors. Most people choose the brand that they already know or with which they feel comfortable.

They feel satisfied and continue their usage. But, if you want to know about more brands and types of salon scissors then you are at the right place.

Due to the availability of various kinds and types of hairdressing scissors, many people get confused about the selection of hairdressing scissors. But, there is always a trick in learning that will help you to decide on the best pair of scissors.

It will suit both the beginner as well as the expert.

In this article, you will all the answers and explanations to questions related to the selection of hairdressing scissors. You will come to know the suitable size, style, material, scissors blade, and its efficiency.

What size Hair Scissors would be suitable for you?

Here are some tips and steps that you can follow to purchase the best suitable hairdressing scissors for you. If you are going to buy hairdressing scissors from the market or online, then you should have the correct measures of hairdressing scissors before ordering.

Use your old pair of hairdressing scissors or a ruler can be enough to get measurements.

Then place this scissor or ruler on the left palm of your hand.

Now take the correct measure of hairdressing scissors against your palm of the left hand.

Both the tip of the blade and ruler should be placed at the end of the middle finger of your left hand. At last measure the blade/ruler against your middle finger.

By following the above steps, you will get the right measure of the size of hairdressing scissors for you.

If the middle finger is completely covered by the ruler, and you get the result 2 inches, the best suitable hairdressing scissors for you will be 5 inches scissors.

These 5 inches hairdressing scissors would have the blade might be 2-3 inches; the length of the entire scissor including the handle will be 5 inches.

For small hands especially for ladies, 5-5.5 inches hairdressing scissors will be suitable. While for men having larger hands, hairdressing scissors of 6-6.5 inches will be best suitable.

Choosing Scissor Handles

There are different types of handles that you can choose for your hairdressing scissors.

Classic handle

These scissors have a flat level means it has aligned upper and lower blade of the scissors. And the rings lined up each other with min ergonomics. Most common and traditional scissors have this style.

Offset handle

As its name indicates, the angle of the handle has a little offset in these scissors. It also possesses a short handle shank with the thumb ring. Using this, you will feel comfortable during cutting. Another striking feature of this handle is that the rings (top ring and bottom ring) are not aligned but they have great ergonomics.

Crane handle

This is a straight handle. Handle shank and bottom rings are aligned downwards. Another feature is that they have great ergonomics with each other. It is the most famous choice in Australian and New Zealand hair industry due to extreme comfort during cutting.

Choosing The Best Cutting Scissors

If you are wondering what cutting style would fit your hairdressing style, then here is the answer to your question. The style of your hairdressing scissors will reveal the idea that how you cut and your style of cutting at the salon.

If you know more about cutting style then you should investigate the right pair of scissors. The most important thing is the knowledge which you acquire about each part of the shear and table. Different hairdressing scissors have a different haircut.

Choosing Scissor Blades

If you are going to buy hairdressing scissors for beginners or students and apprentice barbers then try serrated scissors.

The serrated scissors have a better grip on the hair and help in the easy straight haircut. But for professional hairdressing, barber scissors, among all the convex edge blades are the best choice for you.

They have smooth and perfect edges that will give perfectly smooth cuts. For slice cutting and chopping, this is the suitable choice for you.

Choosing Scissors That You Can Comfortably Hold

The way you hold the hairdressing scissor will reveal the level of your creativity. The tip for professionals is to mingle your cutting style with your style of holding the hairdressing scissors.

Another important tip is to investigate that which type of scissors matches your cutting styles and technique which make you distinctive from other hairdressers of your salon.

How To Hold Scissors

If you hold your hairdressing in a vertical position then you should try to maintain this vertical position completely.

The most suitable hairdressing scissors recommended for this position are offset scissors. They can keep your hands in a comfortable position. This is a natural position while cutting.

Place your scissors in a flat position on the neck of your client for a blunt cut. Be careful that your fingers should not be placed in the path as you cut. For this purpose, the most suitable scissors are the crane hairdressing scissors.

For achieving a deep point cutting style, try to hold your elbow up high so the scissors are straight. The best suitable hairdressing scissors for this purpose is the classic straight hairdressing scissors.

If you want intricate work producing the neat line around the edges of your customer’s hairlines, then use narrow scissors. It will produce the perfect edges.

When To Sharpen Salon Scissors

The next striking question that arises is that what is the best time to sharpen your scissors? For professional workers, it is necessary to maintain their scissors regularly and keep them in good working condition.

This will ensure the efficiency of your cutting is guaranteed. Your scissors should be sharp and in good shape producing sharp and neat cuts.

The answer to the above question is not definite. It depends on how the experts make use of the scissors and the type of blade.

Some professional hairdressing scissors that are best recommended are as follows: Juntetsu Offset Hair Cutting and Thinning Set with the Japanese steel Yasaka Offset Handle Hair Dressing Shears (5.5 inches and 6 inches)