How To Hold Hair Scissors At The Salon

The art of hair-making is careful and complicated. After all, you are responsible for the care and style of other’s hair.

Or if you usually remain at home these days, you could cut your hair, which is more convenient.

Efficient handling of a pair of scissors in style is vital to achieving an acceptable degree of accurate cutting of hairs.

You reduce the risk of repetitive movement damage such as carpal tunnel syndrome, which may annoy a barber.

In this article, You will figure out how to use scissors like a salon professional.


The best grip and way of holding hair scissors

The control of how you grab haircutting scissors initiates with your hand and your fingers placed on the scissors.

Designing shears with thinner blades and more elegant finger hole are significantly different from the typical scissors.

You will also see a curved protrusion from your shorter finger hole when you look at your scissors – this is called a tang. The tang gives you more stability throughout the cut.

The western grip is the standard way of handling shears since it is the style that we all use frequently. The side at the end should be a finger hole with the tang. You place your ring finger in the tiny finger place and your thumb in the bigger hole, whereas the small finger is lying on the tang (handle hook).

The index and middle fingers must also lie on the upper edge of the handle, and generally, the shears possess notches on them in front of every smaller finger space to rest.

Your thumb softly keeps moving the blades, while four fingers on top put pressure on the still blade and regulating it.

With a western grip, the hand will remain stable, and muscle strain injuries will be minimized.

It could also be worth practicing the Easter grip, where the index finger is inserted into a smaller hole, the thumb in the other, and the central and ring finger with pinkie free are then put behind the blade.

Initially, it’s surely unusual, but it brings some more control and provides methods such as slithering and point cutting.


Using your finger and thumb to open and close the blades is a fundamental mistake when keeping hairdressing scissors. It’s excellent if your thumb is just pushed while you are cutting hairs.

Possibly, using more than one finger is unreasonable – and somewhat harmful – because it shocks your mobility and increases tendon pressure on your palm.

If you move only your thumb, you minimize how much your muscles in the hand works – ultimately reducing carpal tunnel syndrome – and so you can cut like a hairdresser machine.


Once you’ve got how to keep hairstyling shears, you might also like to figure out how to hold a comb and scissors in one hand.

It’s a great way to retain some useful seconds from your daily schedule of hairdressing (pun intended). You would have to start practicing twisting the comb switch between both the comb and the shears. It’ll become smooth.

Try to fit the scissors in the palm while using the comb to part or style. Turn the comb to its restful position when it needs to cut. Hold it with the middle finger in location, and the comb needs to settle on ring fingers and index fingers.

You can efficiently keep your scissors in various ways, but the Western Traditional grip is most common.

The right way to hold shears is better for ergonomic purposes to stop strain on your arm’s muscles and joints while doing the cutting for long periods.