The Top 5 Best Japanese Salon Scissors

There are many salon hair scissor brands available today, but the best are Japanese. Japanese steel and design makes for a professional and reliable haircutting tool.

Some of the best Japanese design or steel brands like Juntetsu, Joewell, Yasaka and Kamisori are used by the best salon professionals as it allows them to perform at their best everyday. Nobody likes a pair that tugs or pulls at your client’s hair!

Some of the world’s favourite Japanese style brands are:

Clients come to the salon for a premium hair experience, so professional hairstylists choose Japanese hair scissors as it allows them to perform any haircutting technique effortlessly.

Ask any salon expert and they will point you towards Japanese scissors as the best choice.

The Best 5 Japanese Hair Scissors

There various types of hair scissors used in the salon. The most expensive hair scissors are made and manufactured in Japan. There are cheaper models that are manufactured with Japanese steel in Shanghai, Taiwan or Korea as well.

1. Yasaka Offset Hair Scissors

Yasaka Offset Scissors

Yasaka’s most popular professional hair scissor is the Offset model. The lightweight and offset ergonomic design makes for a comfortable haircutting experience and perfect for ladies in the salon.

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2. Joewell Classic Hair Scissors

Joewell Classic Scissors

The Joewell Classic scissors are made in Northern Japan, they use a classic handle design, and a sharp Japanese cutting edge that makes them great for any haircutting technique.

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3. Juntetsu Offset Cutting Scissors

Juntetsu Offset Scissors

Juntetsu offset hair scissors have a simple design and sharp convex-edge blade that are perfect for slice cutting hair techniques.

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4. Kamisori Sword Cutting Scissors

Kamisori Sword Scissors

The Kamisori Sword is a unique haircutting scissor with a wider blade for more powerful techniques. They use premium steel and offer a unique design in all their models.

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5. Mina Umi Cutting Scissors

Mina Umi Scissors

The Mina Umi is the perfect all-rounder entry level hair scissor with a lightweight ergonomic design that allows you to cut hair effortlessly. Well known for its affordable price and reliable design.

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