Jaguar Scissor Brand - German Salon Shears

Jaguar Solingen Scissors, one of the most well-known internationally-known brands for hairdressing scissors and scissors is a German-owned brand.

Jaguar Summary

  • Made from German Steel
  • An extensive selection of more than 50 models
  • Bevel Edge and Convex Edge Blades
  • Price range between $99 and $1,000
  • Sizes: Sizes: 5", 5.5", 6", 6.5" and 7" Scissors
  • Models: Jay2, Pre Style Ergo and Relax Satin and Pastell Plus

Jaguar is extremely well-known due to its trustable brand, great quality, and affordable costs. Jaguar Solingen has been making a cheaper range of scissors since 2009. They cost $99-$300. Jaguar's flexibility in sizes (from 5"-7" shears) and sharp, bevel edged blades are why both barbers and hairdressers make use of these scissors.

Jaguar Models

Jaguar's range of models makes it stand out in the Australian market. Each model has unique styles and prices to suit every hairdresser, professional hairdresser, and barber. Jaguar offers left and right handed, Bevel Convex traditional (Opposing), and Crane(Ergonomic), handle options.

Let's look at the various collections of Jaguar Scissors:

Jay 2

  • Price between $100 to $150 per Jay2 Couple
  • Sizes are 5.5" and 6"
  • Types - Cutting Thinning, Sets, and Cutting
  • Steel : German Stainless Steel
  • Rating:
  • Review: "The Jay2 Scissors are great for their price and mostly purchased to train apprentices, trainees and backup pairs. They cut sharp, but the Jay2 shears need to be sharpened quite often with an Australian Sharpener, and the weight of these make them difficult to use for extended durations of time. The Jay2 scissors are recommended for casual use. We rate this product a 3/5 star.
  • Where To Purchase: Best Valued Jaguar Jay2 Scissors

Pre Style

  • Price between $150 and 250 Per Ergo & Relax Pair
  • Sizes: 5", 5.5", 6" and 6.5"
  • Pre-Style Ergo and Pre-Style Relax
  • Types cutting and thinning. Sets
  • Steel - German Stainless Steel
  • Rating 1/2
  • Review: "The Pre Style Relax and Ergo Scissors are popular for basic and daily use. They come in both traditional and offset ergonomics. There are many sizes that will suit all hairdressers. These are lightweight and simple to use all day, making them a great option for novice and casual hairdressers and barbers. We give this product 3.5/5 stars. For ergonomic use, we recommend the Pre Style Ergo Scissors.
  • Where can I purchase Jaguar Pre Style Scissors

White Line

  • Price Between $150 and 350 Per Line Paar of White Line Paar
  • Sizes 5", 5.5", 6 and 6.5"
  • Models: Satin, Satin Plus, Jaguart, JP10 and JP38
  • Types Cutting, Thinning, and Sets
  • Steel - German Stainless Chromium Steel
  • Rating
  • Review. "The White Line scissors are well-known for their Jaguart (Jaguar Art), Satin (Sain and Satin plus Cutting and Thin) cutting tools for hairdressing. They are made of steel, which is a significant improvement over the Pre Style scissors. The design focuses more on lightweight ergonomic and more sharp cutting tools. These are popular with professional barbers and hairdressers who want to cut hair every day and the White Line Jaguar series is one of our favourites with a high probability, particularly the Satin Plus. These are excellent value for money, and we rate them with a rating of 4/5 stars.
  • Where to Purchase: Best Priced Jaguar White Line Scissors

Silver Line

  • Price Between 250 and 500 Silver Line Pair
  • Sizes : 5", 5.5", 6, and 6.5"
  • Models: Grace, Fame, CJ4 Plus CJ5, CJ 3, PERFECT, Concave CS, and CJ 4 Plus
  • Types - Cutting, Thinning, and Sets
  • Steel: German Molybdenum steel
  • Rating
  • Review: "The Silver Line scissors are designed for serious hairdressing professionals. Convex Edge blades are the most common for the Jaguar Silver Line. They are extremely sharp due to their Molybdenum alloy steel. These German Hairdressing Scissors provide the most value and focus on Crane & Offset ergonomics. The most well-known pair is the CJ4 Offset hair cutting scissors and these will last for many years to be. We rate these at 4/5 star rating due to their sharp cutting edges, quality steel and being the first models that are a good entry point for professional barber and hairdressing shears."
  • Where to Buy: Best Priced Jaguar Silver Line Scissors

Gold Line

  • Price Between $500 and 800 Dollars Per Gold Line Pair
  • Sizes 5", 6", and 6.5"
  • Models : Lane, Silence. Goldwing. Xenox. Diamond E. Diamond and Diamond E. Left.
  • Types, Cutting and Thinning. Sets
  • Steel: German Vanadium steel
  • Rating 1/2
  • Review: "The Gold Line Scissors are famous for the Diamond and Xenox hair cutting scissors. These razors are made of Vanadium stainless steel with convex blades. They are the most sought-after choice for barbers and hairdressers. The best hairdressing scissors exceed $500. The lightweight style and ergonomics offset provide hairdressers a unique pair of scissors. They are similar to the Silver Line (White Line) and Silver Line (Silver Line). We can't find any distinctions in their prices with Silver Line. Silver Line. We love these for their durability and quality. But because of the fact that they're more expensive in comparison to the Silver Line, we will give them 3.5/5 stars.
  • Where to Buy: Best Valued Jaguar Gold Line Scissors

Black Line

  • Black Line Price from $500 to 800
  • Sizes are 5", 6" and 6.5".
  • Models: MC Steel, Synergy Design MC Steel and Euro Tech Design MC Steel
  • Types - Cutting, Thinning and Sets
  • Steel: German Vanadium steel
  • Rating
  • Review: "The Black Line Jaguar hairdressing scissors are the top flagship models that Jaguar likes to show off at the hair salon conferences. These are a demonstration of Jaguar's perfect in the field of high-quality hairdressing scissors. They are precise and cut perfectly. They are almost too gorgeous to be as a guilty pleasure. We give these models a 4/5 star rating because of the price of MC Steel, Euro Tech or Synergy models. They are the Gold Line's final price at $600-800.
  • Where To Purchase: Top-Priced Jaguar Black Line Scissors

Jaguar History

Australia has been offering Jaguar hairdressing services as well as barber scissors for over 30 years. Weston Imports, Sydney, NSW is currently the sole official importer of Jaguar Scissors. Jaguar Scissors can be found in both retail and online stores across Australia. Jaguar Solingen has been manufacturing high-quality hair cutting tools for more than thirty years. The company is known for its top-quality products to customers all over the globe since the 1980s.

Pre Style Ergo and White Line Satin are among the most sought-after Jaguar-Solingen Germany scissors. Jaguar is the ideal choice for anyone looking to start as a hairdresser or barber.

Your Source for Jaguar Hairdressing Shears

Jaguar is the name to choose if you're looking for German hair cutting shears for an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Scissor Hub has the finest range of Jaguar scissors. For a long time, Scissor Hub was Australia's most trusted source for German haircut scissors.

Are Jaguar Shears Good?

Yes! These German made hair cutting shears are constructed with blades that have long-lasting sharpness and solid hardness. These German shears are a favorite because of their consistency and sharp cuts.

Why is ergonomic design important?

After a long day of standing and cutting hair, your neck, back and arms might be stiff and tight. These professional hair cutting scissors feature an ergonomic design that helps keep the arms, neck and shoulder muscles at ease when cutting, giving every hair stylist a better experience!

Tips for Cleaning Your Jaguar Scissors

If you're purchasing new scissors, it is possible to make them special. It is important that you continue to take good care of your scissors take care of them with respect and keep them clean and maintained, even after they are no longer new.

Jaguar scissors are more expensive than German brands however they are a great investment. If you take good care of them, they'll last a lifetime. Your Jaguar scissors should be kept clean even on the busiest days. Keep your scissors in tip-top shape by wiping away hair and product with a soft cloth.

Daily oil can help preserve your Jaguar shears

Some recommend oiling your hair cutting blades every week at a minimum. After you have cleaned the scissors, put a bit of hair cutting oil in front of the fulcrum. This will prevent hair accumulation and make the scissors last longer.

This additional step will ensure that your scissors are kept sharp and at their best.

Protect Your Jaguar Scissors!

Protect your scissors to keep them sharp. One of the most obvious ways is to take care of them. This means set them down gently, not tossing them around. They could be thrown off the line if they're thrown onto the counter.

It is also important to store them in a separate case, away from any other tools or scissors to prevent them from getting damaged or smashed by other tools.

Jaguar Scissors, The Best

Your shears will be a valuable tool in your arsenal if you're a barber or hairdresser. At Scissor Hub we understand this and aim to carry only brands that our customers will love. Get your best haircut and get your Jaguar scissors today! You'll be happy for many more years with your clients!

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