Salon Hair Scissors Materials Guide | What Is The Best Steel?

Canada is a country in which barbers can be professional and an amateur hairdresser may be called 'barber'.

What is the best type of steel for cutting? And, how do I be sure if it's worth my cash?

These are some of the most commonly asked questions people have. They appear to be straightforward questions. However, the reality is not so simple. It's the hardest part of buying good hairdressing scissors or barber shears.

What type of steel are my shears made of? What is the different between good and low quality hairdressing scissors?

What is the difference between scissor steel from other steels?

  • The sharpness of the blades
  • How easy can you sharpen them
  • Resistance to corrosion
  • The weight of the scissor
  • The fragile and brittle blades are brittle and fragile.
  • For how many years it could continue to

When you think about that it's easy to understand why you should invest $300 in a great haircutting scissors instead of the price of $99. It is crucial to have the right tools for working on your hair each day. It will last longer and works with precision.

Understanding the various kinds of scissor steel

It is not an easy job to find out a good pair of hair-cutting scissors. That's because different models and brands employ different types of steel. So, which do you think are the types of steel best for barber shears and hairdressing scissors?

The quality of scissor-steel is defined by the Rockwell Hardness Rating, also known as HRC/HR. The rating is based on the overall toughness and durability of the scissors. The quality is higher with the hardest scissor blades.

Stainless steel is used to create haircutting scissors. The Rockwell Hardness Scale measures the grade of the steel. Below is a list of the prices and quality of low-quality scissors used in Australia.

Hardness Quality Estimated Price
50 to 55 HRC Soft, low quality blade Between $50 and $199
55 to 57 HRC Blades for hairdressing entry level $99 to $299
From 57 to 59 HRC Blades for scissors of mid-level. It is easy to sharpen, rust resistant and more durable. From $149 from $149 to From $149 to
HRC 58-60 Quality, high-end, medium- to top-quality scissor cutting $249 to $800
60-62 HRC 60 to 62 Top-quality blades for cutting hair. This feature is included in premium scissors. Easy to sharpen, rust resistance, tougher, and sharper edge $299 - $1000
61-63 HRC Hair cutting blade that is of the finest possible quality. Only the best scissors have them. $700 to $1500

Thus, a lot is dependent on the HRC factor. Higher HRC results in more durable materials, a more well-shaped blade, and more resistance to corrosion.

You must look beyond HRC when choosing between high-quality hair cutting scissors that are of low-quality. The quality of the product and manufacturing standards are also crucial in the performance of a hair cutting scissors.

Let's look at the popular steel names to get a better understanding of them.

The difference between the quality and workmanship in cutting scissors can be determined by the quality of the stainless steel.

The difference between using high-end and low-cost materials for making hair scissors is reflected in pricing.

The next step is to discuss the most effective materials for hair scissors. We will also discuss the quality steel used in cutting shears.

Best hairdressing scissors made of stainless-steel

All hair scissors are made of stainless steel. But Japan produces the best stainless steel for hair scissors.

The Japanese steel comes with certain advantages that can be used in cutting tools. The Japanese steel is sharp and balanced for excellent ergonomics. It also requires less sharpening.

The best Japanese steel to use to cut hair is ATS314 and VG1. VG10, VG1 and 440C.

Better metal means better blades

Japanese hair scissors feature convex edges and sharp blades. It's a must to use high-quality steel that is hardened. This way, the sharp edge of the blade is maintained for a long time. Also, you need little sharpening due to the hardened steel.

Better metal means better ergonomics

High-quality steel has a light weight. It is, therefore, it exerts little pressure on your shoulder or wrist, elbow and fingers when cutting hair.

A longer life span for a scissor means more durable metal

Premium Japanese steel means that the hair scissors are more corrosion resistant. Japanese steel can last for as long as 20 years, or longer, as long as they're maintained.

Where can you get the best hair scissors?

This steel makes the top hair scissors.

  • Japanese steel - They are the highest quality steel in the world.
  • German steel - Best quality of a European country
  • Korean steel The second highest quality steel from Asia
  • Chinese steel - Great quality
  • Taiwanese steel - Good quality

Pakistan, India, and Vietnam are the producers of the lowest steel of any quality. The hair scissors produced by these nations have sharp edges. They require regular sharpening before breaking.

Top 10 Steels for Hair Scissors

With various kinds of metals used, finding the best barber shears could seem daunting. This list contains the 10 most popular hair scissors steels, ordered according to their most to least.

Steel Rankings Name Description
1 ATS314 (ATS-314). Premium Japanese steel with Vanadium and Titanium in large quantities
2 VG10 Gold (VG-10) Japanese steel that contains high levels of Titanium and Vanadium. Great for cutting knives as well as scissors
3 V10 (V-10). The high levels of Vanadium and Titanium that gives added strength to the hair scissor blades
4 V1 (V-1) For sharper scissor edges the entry-level Vanadium and Titanium are recommended.
5 S3 (S-3). High levels of Supreme Cobalt for sharp cutting edges
6 S1 (S-1). Cobalt beginning-level to cut edges of hardened hair
7 440C High-quality hair scissors made from Japanese steel and hardened.
8 440A Normal cutting blades made of ordinary steel
9 420 Low-priced stainless steel for knives and scissors
10 410 Professional hair scissors are not recommended to use sub-standard steel

Titanium and Vanadium improve the toughness and hardness of the hair scissors. They help make the scissors lighter, so that you are able to cut with ease.

Cobalt steel makes the blade strong and light. It has an edge for cutting that is sharp and can keep that edge for a long time. It also means you don't need to sharpen it frequently.

Top 15 hairdressing scissors for steel

The following rankings of the best steel are based upon the performance, best value, and the quality. The highest quality scissor-steel available. We have listed the following options, based on your budget.

This is the highest quality steel for your hair scissors, as suggested by barbers and hairstylists from all around the world.

1. 64 HRC V1 (V-1)

The V1 steel is the undisputed premium-quality steel. The steel that is V1 is utilized by a variety of hairdressers and barbers. The V1 is the next step after V10 steel. It provides the scissor with increased toughness, crack resistance and more durable blades.

Scissors that uses V1 steel grades provide the highest quality. It also comes with a hefty price tag.

2. 62 to 63 HRC: ATS314 (ATS-314)

The ATS314 steel is made by Hitachi Metals Corporation in Japan. This steel is utilized in the top barber shears and hairdressing scissors. A lot of brands talk about the ATS314-steel in their hair scissors. A few companies utilize the iron produced by Hitachi.

This is a high-quality scissor knife. It has a higher hardness. Blades are sharper over longer time due to this superior hardness. It's a great choice while handling a clam-shaped or convex blade edge.

3. 60 HRC: The VG10 (VG-10)

VG10 Also known as V Gold 10, is another top-quality Japanese steel used in the hairdressing scissors. Takefu Special Steel is its producer. This premium steel is ideal for hair cutting. This steel is resistant corrosion and is resistant to abrasion.

The VG10 cutting scissors have sharper blades. This includes a beveled, clam or convex edges.

The VG10 variant of steel is extremely lightweight and sharp. In addition, only high-end scissors employ this steel. However, it's not restricted to Japan. This is because Japanese metal firms tend to sell internationally.

4. 60-62 HRC: 10CR

Do you want an updated version of 440C steel? If so, 10CR steel is a good choice for professional use. It's a lot like Takefu or Hitachi's VG10. The quality of the steel gives ultimate cutting edge to scissors for haircutting.

The features include sharpness retention in the blades, toughness, corrosion and wear resistance and price. In the end this is a premium quality steel for barber and cutting scissors that cost less than $1000.

5. 58 to 60 HRC: 440C

The brand name 440C in the names such as Yasaka. The steel has an all-round performance with regards to hardness and resistance.

This kind of steel blade is also inexpensive. The blades are sharp and have an edge that is convex. This makes them a fantastic professional tool for barbers and hairdressers.

6. 6.

This steel is a fantastic option for creating high-quality scissors and barber tools. It functions the same manner as Hitachi's own 440C and turns every scissor into a professional tool.

It features a strong edge retention that keeps your hair razor-sharp for many years. For extra durability, the steel is impervious to wear and corrosion. Furthermore, the cutting tools made from this material satisfy the needs of every hair-styling expert.

7. 7.

The 7CR is dubbed as the harder version of 4CR. This steel is very durable and can endure wear and corrosion. It also sharpens easily.

This type of steel is perfect for cutting hair in the mid-range. It is excellent for professionals as well as hairdressers at home, as well as apprentices.

8. 56-58 HRC:420

The 420-steel version is a little more soft than Japanese steel, 440C. This steel is great for cutting hair in the mid-level. Furthermore, you can count on low costs from this type of steel. It's still an excellent option for professionals.

9. 55-58 HRC for Stainless Alloy Steel

The use of stainless steel is to make hair scissors out of any steel. It's a general phrase that doesn't give sufficient information about the quality of the hair scissors you're buying.

In Australia You can buy stainless steel products from various brands between 55 to 58 HRC. They deliver outstanding results. Additionally, you can purchase the products for a price between $99 and $200 which is considerably less.

10. 10.

Rare and exclusive steel that comes from Japan's Yasuki Silver. The S3 is known for its hardness, durability as well as cutting blades. They are available in kitchen and chef knives. You will also find them in a handful of hairdressing scissors as well as barber shears.

The S3 steel blades are durable against corrosion and come with premium hardness. In other words, they are the ideal tools for professionals.

11. 56 HRC:

The 56 HRC is a common chromium steel with damage, wear, and corrosion resistance. For instance, you can find them in mid-level haircutting scissors from Japan.

12. 53-56 HRC: Chromium Steel

Chromium Steel can be divided into different types. It is present on German and European hair scissors. When manufacturing entry-level haircutting tools top brands like Jaguar make use of Chromium steel.

If you're limited on funds and need to cut costs, chromium-stainless steel scissors are an ideal choice. In other words, they can be quite inexpensive. They're great to use with bevel-edged blades because of their sharpness.

13. 13.

The 4CR14MOV steel version is identical to 4CR13. Due to its popularity, you can find them in just about every mid-level haircutting scissors.

They are also very popular in the world of scissor manufactures outside Japan.

14. 52 to 55 HRC 3CR13

3CR13 is a well-loved Chinese stainless steel variant. In addition, it has similar properties to 420J2 (AUS4). This is a simple steel that is used to make average hair cutting scissors. It is, however, better not to use thinning shears made of this type.

15. 55-57 HRC: 4CR13

Also known as 40CR13, the 4CR13 is a standard steel type. It is tougher and stronger like 3CR13 steel. It is more durable and can be used by the makers of scissor to make sharp convex and bevel cutting blades with sharp edges.

Are the steel scissors 4CR13 worth it? They are as efficient as many of the mid-level haircutting scissors. Another option to cut hair , without having to spend much.

The difference between steel of high quality and low quality steel found in Canadian scissors

It's no secret that all types of scissors are made of stainless steel. There are however certain quality levels in steel. This is the thing that differentiates stainless steel from other forms. The stainless-steel's quality is also a factor in the efficiency of the hair scissors.

Hair scissors made of high-quality stainless steel are more effective than low-quality hair cutting tools. Therefore, the distinction between the high and low-quality steel is an essential factor in the overall efficiency of the hairdressing instrument.

The most effective steel hair scissors you can buy is the one from Japan. The Japanese stainless steel hair scissors have sharper edges, which makes it much easier to cut hair with precision. It's ergonomically designed and has an extremely light weight. Furthermore, because of its design and construction quality, it won't require regular sharpening.

You won't find similar functions on a lower-quality steel scissor. A set of high-quality steel scissors is essential for anyone who is a hairdresser, novice or professional. Popular Japanese steels are ATS314 the 440C, VG1 and ATS314 and VG10.

High-quality steel means better blades. With superior steel that has been tempered cutting blades, cutting edges are more sharp. This increases the hair cutting performance. Japanese shears use convex edge blades. As such, it requires less sharpening, due to the hard steel.

The best quality steel offers good ergonomics. Scissors made of premium stainless steel are not just light but also very ergonomic. Premium quality steel is generally lighter. This means that there is less pressure on your elbow, shoulder fingers, wrist, or elbow. This is particularly useful when you're doing a haircut.

The high-quality steel provides the scissor with a longer life. Japanese hair scissors, constructed from top-quality Japanese steel, are more resistant to wear and corrosion as well as other issues. They're durable and will last for a long duration. It is possible for a Japanese scissor's lifespan to be anywhere between 10 to 20 years. Moreover, it may extend more depending on how you maintain them.

Which countries make the finest scissor steel?

Germany, Japan, and China are the top producers of hair scissor steel. Japan produces the best quality scissor-steel. This is the reason for the buzz surrounding Japanese cutting scissors.

Germany is the world's biggest producer of high-quality chromium-steel. The most successful scissor brands such as Jaguar have earned a solid reputation with quality hairdressing shears.

China is the largest manufacturer of premium steel in huge quantities. Also, they can be competitive with Germany as well as Japan in terms of quality. Moreover, China produces the best value steel for the price for professionals.

Commonly asked questions: Scissor steel

Here are the commonly asked questions regarding hair scissor steel.

1. Which steel for scissor is best for me?

The right scissor material for you depends on your budget. The top qualities are ATS314, VG10, and V1. But each of these might cost around $1000. For the best value look at the hardness that is an HRC of 58 HRC and above.

2. 2. What are the pros and cons of titanium-steel scissors?

Many times, Titanium steel scissors can be misleading. These are either colored coatings or portion of an added component for the manufacture of steel scissors. It is important to consider the scissor steel hardness to determine the one that is the best for your needs.

3. What is the most steel that is affordable?

The 440C is an excellent option if you are on an extremely tight budget. Steel scissors that have 56 HRC are reasonably priced and give a good performance.

4. What should I consider when choosing my hair cutting scissors?

The quality of the steel determines the difference between the efficiency of scissors and cost. Quality steel is priced higher. But the scissors remain sharper for a longer duration.

5. What can I do to avoid fake or low-quality steel from China or Pakistan?

Pakistan produces the cheapest quality hair scissors, and you should not purchase the scissors. There are several kinds of Chinese steel, including premium and low-quality versions. Avoid shopping sites on the internet like Wish, eBay, and Amazon to buy hair scissors. Focus on trusted websites with warranty and exchange options. In this way, you'll be able to play with the scissors and get a feel for the quality.

6. What is the most well-known scissor steel for cutting hair?

The standard 440C steel used to make hair scissors.

7. Which steel for hair cutting is perfect for professionals?

Professionals are drawn to Japanese steel 440C.

8. Which is the best steel for students or apprentice hairdressers?

The 440A is the ideal first-level haircutting device.

9. Is there a hairstylist with 100% titanium?

A hairstylist isn't able to use 100 percent titanium. There are however shears with 2 to 10% titanium in the blades.

10. What exactly is stainless steel?

It is used for all blades of scissor. There are various kinds of stainless steel, and the top-quality versions are very tough.

11. Which is the most popular metal for hair scissors?

ATS314 or VG10 premium steel for hair scissors made from Japan.

12. What do you think of the existence of Damascus scissor steel?

Damascus Steel is a single style. It's not used for more than 300 year.

13. Which is better? Titanium scissor or steel better?

Titanium improves the toughness and strength of the scissor blades. There is Titanium in the top hair scissors. Titanium blades are light and are more robust than other kinds of blades.

14. What's a 6CR steel?

The 6CR13MOV or 6CR steel consists of an 0.66 carbon-based additive to the metal. It is ideal for basic hair cutting shears.

15. 15.

9CR13MOVCO, also known as 9CR18MOV, also known as 9CR, is Chinese steel of the highest quality. It's used to make the finest barber and hairdressing scissors.

16. What is a Titanium-coated scissor?

Titanium can be used to shape hair shears. It is not a factor in the performance or sharpness of the scissors.

17. Is powder steel for hair scissors good?

Powder steel is a quality metal that comes from an innovative process. Shears made of this metal have sharper blades, greater corrosion resistance , and lighter designs. Moreover, the Japanese Takefu VG10 and Hitachi 314 are like the scissors made of powder steel.

Conclusion: What scissor steel should I use in Canada?

If you are looking for a pair of professional scissors, you should buy a pair of haircutting or thinning scissors with an HRC in the range of 60 (HRC).

The most commonly used type of professional scissors is the 440C There are also different versions (non-Japanese) that come from China as well as South Korea that provide you with a professional and less costly cutting experience.

We would like to hear your opinions on the top hair scissors in Canada.