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The Mina Scissors brand produces high-quality barbering and hairdressing scissors. Professional-grade hair scissors are constructed from stainless steel with ergonomics that are designed for professionals. They also have basic flat-edge, convex, or bevel blades.

Mina Scissors Summary

  • Professional offset ergonomics
  • Stainless cutting iron
  • The prices of scissors range from $99 and $449
  • Sizes include: 4.0", 4.5", 5.0", 5.5", 6.0", 6.5" and 7.5"
  • Models: Umi. Ash. Sakura. Jay. Matte Black. Classic. And many more!

Mina Scissors Review

The Mina hair scissors are becoming increasingly popular for producing reliable and affordable hairdressing scissors. The Mina Umi Classic, Sakura, Classic, and Matte Black are all great options for hair-cutting scissors that are cost-effective and flexible.

Mina hair scissors come with an array of blades. They are flat-edged, bevel, or convex. Mina is a simple maker of quality scissors which can be used at home or in a salon or in the barbershop.

Mina is an excellent brand of scissors for beginners and those who are seeking affordable, entry-level haircutting tools.

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Mina Products

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